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Create more value for your customers by adding digital features for your products using our QR code generator.

Increase product value

  • Go above and beyond the traditional QR codes
  • Easily offer your customers what they truly needed and help them to discover more

Cut production time and costs

  • Save resources by reducing the need for multiple basic QR codes per product
  • Generate QR codes without depending on instructions from customers

Gain competitive advantages

  • Create unique product experiences that separate your products from the competition

Made for all business owners

How it works

Effortlessly generate QR codes.

Step 1

Add features

Select features you want to provide for your customers

Step 2

Customize each feature

  • Edit each feature for different functionality
  • Define the rules to control how it can be used
Step 3

Generate QR codes

Generate single or a bulk of QR codes and use it with your products with just a click of a button

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